Doing Research

  None of us lived during the 18th century (or whenever the game is set - we haven't decided the details yet). Although fascinated by the folklore of the time, we don't know enough to craft a realistic period piece.

Well, the only way to get up to speed on the weird and wonderful beliefs of our ancestors is to study them.

I heard about some very interesting books by a Norwegian folklorist named Ørnulf Hodne. His book "Norsk Folketro", roughly translated to "Norwegian Folklore", seemed like the perfect way for a basic crash course.

For the first time in a long while, I went down to the library for some literature. I admit I spent quite some time just searching through online bookstores for a copy to send to my Kindle before realizing libraries still exist.


  I'm on day 3 of reading, and I've learned a lot . I had never heard of an "Deildegast" or dream porridge before, but now I know the Norse version of the Sisyphus-myth and divination respectively.

The challenge for me when I'm taking notes is to identify which parts would make fun mechanics or puzzles, or enrich the environment without feeling out of place in the setting. 

   There is definitely some visual inspiration here

  There is definitely some visual inspiration here

I have already written multiple pages in my notebook, so we need to structure the information to make it useful.